Monday, January 7, 2013

"off the beaten track"

Our next adventure ended off the beaten track, it was here that John had to draw on his experience of off road biking.  I held on for dear life, as we climbed the mountainous gravel road.  This was the introduction to the many mountainous adventures that were to follow...

The route travelled was up the Maanharrand pass in the Magaliesberg Nature reserve.

                                                  Breedtsnek @ Ride by Schalk vd Linde

"Oct 2009"
Once again the Kawasaki KLR stood the test of time

At the bottom of the mountain, we turned right on the road to Buffelspoort...

This road led us to "Just Africa", where we fearlessly walked amongst the "wild animals"...

The curio store had lots to see...

...together with the spooky art of taxidermy

The trail had come to an end for the meantime but...


  1. I could see how I would have a death grip on the handlebars at a time when I was supposed to be relaxed heading over those trails.

    You can look back and say you did it. Good job!

    1. Yes it sure was another page in my diary of biking experience! In his younger days my husband used to do motocross and enduros so luckily he has experience in it!

  2. Another excellent adventure ... I don't like dirt so much on my cruiser.

    1. Dirt is tricky and I think the lighter the bike the better it can handle those conditions together with the type of tyres too